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The Neteru are Real!

t took many months of contemplation on whether or not to write this page for me to finally do so.  What I have written here is the absolute truth of what has happened in my life and it is because these events took place that I am sharing this information.   

I believe these accounts are proof that the Neteru are real and care enough us to play a role in our lives, if asked and properly thanked.  Just as many accounts state they did in ancient times.        

I work with all the Neteru listed below to try to understand who they are and what the Ancient Egyptians believed them to be.   


Eset has been with me since the beginning of my search for an old world religion.  It was the voice of Eset that I heard late in the Summer of 2001 though I was not sure who she was or what name to call her.  It was several months prior that I started to read about AE history and mythology.   

When I did a cartouche card spread reading her name came up in a significant position making herself known to me that it was she who was with me.  I then decided to commence a relationship with her.  I commenced ritual, prayers seeking her wisdom and guidance and meditation in her name.  She figured prominently in many of my divination readings.  

In January of 2004 she gave me a gift.  Since the summer I had been searching for a lotus flower in order to do ritual for her.  The Lotus flower has many symbolic meanings to the Ancient Egyptians.  I never found one.  In the early hours of the morning after a couple of nights of intermittent heavy snowfall and freezing, I opened my door to look outside.  There was a small item that looked like an artichoke partially buried in a snow drift on my front porch.  I picked it up by its base and flipped it over and it opened up flat in my hand.  It was a plastic pond lotus.   

The neighbor 3 doors up from me has a pond in her front yard and I have cats who like to bring home presents for me but it seems quite wondrous to me that something that I searched months for showed up on my door step in the middle of winter.  I believe Eset gave me a gift.       


When I searched and reached out for a male counterpart to balance out Eset I prayed to several Neteru.  Amun-Ra, Osiris seemed tangible to me but there was no substance or personableness there for me.  Khmun and Sobek I prayed to as well but it was Sutekh (Set) that made himself known to me.  Before I knew who he was his image would appear often in the cartouche spread during inquiries about seeking help.  When I discovered this “new” Neteru I started to pray and meditate on him and his physical nature and presence became measurable.  

When I started researching him I discovered that he was not originally the tyrant that history painted him to be.  Set is very old.  S. Ikram, world renowned Egyptologist discovered etched drawings of Set on rock walls dating back to a time when the desert saw rain fall and was actually savannah grasslands.  I am still researching him.  Because he was associated with “foreigners” and also had other names (i.e. Baal).   His reach of influence could have been as broad as that of Eset.  If Set’s influence reached beyond the boundaries of Egypt of the past then Set is a good counter part to Eset.   

I hear his voice in thunderstorms and his Djam staff is reflective of this lightning storm association.  When I look at the red sun set sky after the storm I am looking at his face.


My father, who passed away September 2008, had been in and out of hospital care for many years as he had leukemia.  During one of his hospital stays contracted MRSA.  For weeks Dad continued to test positive for the bacteria despite chemical baths and oral medication.  So much so that it began to conflict with his need for chemo treatments.  The two courses of treatment, one for eliminating the MRSA and the other for treating his weakening blood would have killed him because of his compromised immunity.  The situation was getting dire for Dad.  So I started to pray to Sekhmet on his behalf.  My many prayers to her did not go unnoticed.  One evening during a vigil I did, I added the line to my prayer:  “…and I shall give you a coveted place on my altar.”  Two days later I had heard that Dad has gotten a negative test result.  The bacteria was gone.   The Goddess of Plagues had removed my father’s plague.  That was in 2006 and to this date she has sat on my permanent altar.   


During the last week before my father’s death I prayed often to Anubis, the Usherer of the Westerners to help my father pass from this life to the next.  I prayed often at home and in Dad’s hospital room.  But I refrained from saying the phrase that I said to Sekhmet a couple of years ago, “…and I shall give you a coveted place on my altar.”  I wasn’t ready and I felt Dad wasn’t either.  Sunday the 7th I was in dad’s room by myself and I felt I could say those words.  I said my prayer while holding Dad’s hand and ask Anubis to escort Dad to the next life.  I feel asleep. Shortly after I awoke Dad had died.  I was awake with him and witnessed his passing.  He died at 3:47 pm.

Four days later at Dad’s funeral service at St. Helen’s Church I got confirmation that Anubis heard my prayer.  Anubis stood across the street , in a store window, looking directly at the church.  Anubis waited outside the church to escort my father to the Beautiful West.   

Why is this significant you may ask?  St. Helen’s church was a church that was descided upon in Dad’s room the day before he died.  The previously planned church didn’t work out (and those circumstances are a strange story in and of themselves). St. Helen’s Church was a church of my mother’s choosing.  She chose that one over a couple others that she has attended and could have chosen.  That is the first significant point.

Secondly, what are the chances of a store out directly outside a church, that was decided upon last minute, that just happened to have Egyptian statues in the window facing the church.  That just happened to have an Egyptian statue of Anubis in the window?   Wepwawet, whom I prayed to for help.   This was the second significant happening.  These events were not coincidence.  


I also need to add this story.  This did not happen to me but to someone close to me whom also worships the Neteru.  Daniel Kolos.  And I tell of this story with his permission.  Daniel who is a studied and learned Egyptologist went to Egypt in 1981.  Since then he always believed that he would never really return.  Daniel has also always had poor sight in his one eye.   

In April of this year (2009) he went back to Egypt and took his son.  They had a wondrous time.  While he was on his trip he started to notice that he wasn’t feeling well.  A week after returning home he suffered what doctors said at first appeared to be a stroke.  After a month in and out of clinical care he returned home with better vision than he has had in years.  The eye with poor eye sight is practically clear, the cloud being so lifted that his pupil is noticeable and his iris is back to its full colour.  The doctors do not think Daniel suffered a full stroke though what triggered the episode was a blood clot.  Daniel believes that he is on the road to full recovery with returned vision to an eye that he never thought he would have.   

I see this as a gift from the Neteru to Daniel because I believe it never would have happened had Daniel given up on the Neteru and never went back to Egypt.

There are several other accounts of the Neteru touching my life and making themselves known in the lives of some people I know.  I hope there will be many more to come.

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